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How To Do Homework in Sims 4 in 3 Easy Steps

Shaun M Jooste


Whether you play Sims 4 on Windows or Mac, the last thing you want as a parent is your child missing homework. You’ll want them to progress with school, so it’s essential that you instruct them to do homework on a daily basis. We’ll quickly show you how so that you can simulate the adulting experience.

How To Do Homework in Sims 4

While none of us enjoyed completing homework in school, you can at least have fun torturing your children in Sims 4. Of course, we don’t mean physical torture but making them mentally suffer as we did as teens. We do understand if you’re a Hermione Granger that loved it; we’ll forgive you.

Step 1: Access the child’s inventory

First up, you’ll need to access the child sim’s inventory. Don’t worry; it’s not an invasion of privacy. You’re merely performing your duties as a parent to ensure that they complete their homework.

Step 2: Find the homework

Now that you’re scratching around in their bags, you can ignore all the other paraphernalia. Look for a school book that has the label ‘HOMEWORK’ appear when you hover over it. This item is the one that activates the task for your child to start the assignments.

Step 3: Select ‘Do Homework’

With the book highlighted, you can click on it and select ‘Do Homework’ for your child to get started. The task will appear in the list, and he/she will move to the closest table or surface to begin the lessons. A progress bar will also appear to show how well it’s proceeding.

If the homework is taking too long, you can lend a helping hand. With the parent selected, click on the child and select ‘Help with Homework.’

Adulting can be fun!

Even in a simulated world, being a responsible parent is essential. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have children in real life; you can experience the joys and tribulations of getting them to do homework in Sims 4.

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